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NNU FORUM Review – Why You Must Register & Benefit These 2 Guides

Is NNU Forum Legit Or Scam? You Will Be Pleased When You Read This

I have been making money online for years now, and I won’t stop as I do not try to miss any opportunity that comes by. With my love for the internet, I started my own internet data bundle vending portal which fetches me some cash. You can learn more here.

I also joined affiliate websites in Nigeria, such as Wakanda income program, NNU income program which is now NNN V2 or NNU forum.

NNU Income Program was the name given to the first version (V1) of this program. Later, the second version (nnu v2) was released called NNU Forum Income Program.

If you are a member on the V1 program and yet to withdraw your earnings, you can now transfer them to the V2 version. Only if you register on the new nnu forum website.

You can quickly create an account now before it’s crowded

meanwhile, let me explain how to make money on NNU Forum Income Program.

But before then,

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NNU Forum Review

nnu forum review

NNU Forum income program was created by the V1 creators (G-Cyber Tech Group), an innovation founded by Paul Samson. A Nigerian netprenuer that loves making money online and helping fellow Nigerians do so too.

Benefits For Registering On NNU Forum

With our simple ideology on making sure interested Nigerians experience and enjoy online earning opportunity, NNU forum is fully equipped with the following earning features;

Monthly Revenue Share– subscribers/participant earns money via activities point by logging into their NNU forum account daily, reading and engaging in forum discussion, posting relevant forum topics and sharing viral post on Facebook.

Affiliate Commission – As a member, you are also an affiliate after successful registration. You will be earning a huge commission of 71.5% = N1,000 per each person you refer to joins the forum through your referral link or username.

The more people you refer to join, the more 71.5% commission earning. So, if you can refer at least 10 people to take advantage of NNU forum opportunity daily, you will be earning N10,000 Naira in a day.

How To Earn On NNU Forum?

1. As an affiliate, you earn 71.5% per each referral.

As a participant, you earn point for your activities on nnu forum.

2. Active daily login: You earn N50 when you login to your account daily.

3. View Forum Topics: You earn N10 on each latest forum topics you read.

4. Relevant Comment /Discussion: You earn N20 on each new topics you contributed to.

5. Posting Forum Topic: You earn N200 for posting relevant, interesting and well structure forum topic that worth discussion and get approved on the website. You could even earn more between N500 to N1000 when you post more relevant, unique and original content on any categories.

Note that copied content including topics from other sites is not allowed.

6. Sharing viral post on Facebook: We assign a viral post to members to share on their Facebook timeline daily, you earn N100naira daily on assigned post you share on your timeline. Note that our post must appear on your timeline before you can get paid.

How To Withdraw?

When you accumulate your earnings to #5000, you can request payout and get paid at the end of the month (27th to 31st).

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How to Register On NNU Forum?

Firstly, Click Here to register.

Enter your valid details in the required fields.

nnu forum registration form
captioned from nnu forum

When you get to payment method, example below.

nnu forum payment options

If you can make online payment with your ATM card, choose the paystack option. But, if you can’t. choose the E-PIN option.

You can contact me for E-Pin on 08105900070 (WhatsApp here).

Kindly note that I’m not an E-PIN distributor, but I can get it for you without additional charges. Which means you only need to pay me N1400, and I will get your PIN for you in minutes to complete your registration.

Summary of Earning On NNU Forum Review

  • Registration fee: N1,400
  • Affiliate commission: 71.5% = N1,000
  • Agent / Distributors: 15% = N200 profit
  • Daily Login: N50
  • View Forum Topics: N10
  • Join Discussion: N20
  • Posting Relevant Topics: N200 – N1,000
  • Viral share on Facebook: N100
  • Withdrawal Threshold: N5,000   Referral or no referral.

Click Here To Register An Account On NNU Forum and Start Making Money.

Plus get my aforementioned bonuses…

How To Get Access To My Bonuses?

After your successful registration on NNu forum, meaning you have paid your N1400 membership fee. Kindly drop me a mail at

Make sure to provide your registered full name and email address for me to confirm your registration.

Once done, you will get your bonuses within minutes.

Revenue share and payout every last day of the month base on activeness, membership duration and no members will be left out without payment.


NNU Forum pays with and without referrals. You need to accumulate your earning to N5000 before you can be eligible for making a payout request at each month’s ending.

Also, making false use of the website can jeopardize your earnings. Do not make irrelevant comments or abuse any use of NNU forum services.

I will await your mail and send your bonuses, and please, make sure you share this post to facebook and twitter by using the share buttons below. Someone will be grateful to read this on your wall.

Thanks for checking out my nnu forum review. Kindly drop a comment if you have any additional information to add or questions, and I will humbly reply you.



A NetPrenuer who loves money. He likes discussing small business start-ups and teaches others how to make money from home either online or offline.

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