How To Open A PayPal Account In Nigeria In 1 Step

Create a paypal account in Nigeria for making payments online securely

Have you ever wondered how to open a PayPal account in Nigeria so you can make payment to some online stores like Amazon,eBay, etc. that doesn’t allow local bank transfers because they are international.

Or, you have been seeing the Paypal icon and you don’t know what it means and how to go about having an account with PayPal?

Well, most of these online merchant websites use PayPal as a payment option, and I will teach you how to create a PayPal account in Nigeria today.

To open a Nigerian PayPal account is very easy. You only need to provide some valid information about yourself while registering, and that’s all.

Here’s a TOC of what we will look into on PayPal account opening from Nigeria;

open a paypal account in nigeria
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What Is PayPal?

PayPal Holdings Inc. is an American company operating a worldwide online payments system that supports online money transfers and serves as an electronic alternative to traditional paper methods like checks and money orders.

Why Do I Need A PayPal Account?

Like I mentioned earlier, you can use PayPal to pay for orders online securely. It’s easy to request a refund when you pay with PayPal from your account dashboard.

You will be able to make payments online as most of these online stores accept PayPal payments.

Requirement To Open A PayPal Account In Nigeria

These are what you will be needing to open a PayPal account in Nigeria:

  • An active internet connection
  • A valid email address
  • Your personal details such as Name, Adress and gender, etc.
  • MasterCard (ATM card)
  • Proof of identity (for account verification purposes).

How Do I Verify My Nigeria PayPal Account?

Once you are registered, you will be able to upload your identity card for PayPal to verify your account. This will increase the limit sent on your account transactions.

You can use any of, national ID, voter’s card, Passport, and any government-issued ID.

Can I Receive Money With My Nigerian PayPal Account?

As of now, NO.

You cannot receive money into your Nigerian Paypal account due to the restriction set by Paypal years ago when it was discovered that most Nigerians use this payment medium for fraudulent activities.

So, since then, we’ve been only allowed to make payments and not receive.

But, there has been a way around this restriction. You can learn more here.

Do I Need To Link My MasterCard To My PayPal Account?

Yes, you will need to. It’s from your card that you can fund your PayPal balance or pay for a service directly from your card.

You will be charged its Naira equivalent by the conversion rate set by your banking institute.

How to open a payoneer account in Nigeria and get your Mastercard

You can also use payoneer for payments onilne and its card can be used on any ATM in Nigeria that accepts mastercard.

How To Open A Paypal Account?

Click here to create a PayPal account.

Fill in the requested information and complete your registration.

paypal nigeria registration form

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Paypal is a sure way of making payments online and can be used worldwide. You can create an account from here and start paying merchants instantly.



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